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Zinc Alloy Characteristics ㅣ ZINC ALLOY INGOTS
Advantages of zinc alloy die casting
The die casting process represents one shot net-shape production using nonferrous alloys such as aluminum,
magnesium, zinc, brass and etc. Zinc alloy die casting molten at lower temperature offers high speed casting and
low energy cost. Its easy required technique to handle the process can apply complex and thin wall products. High
strength (tensile, compression, impact) zinc alloy can be widely used for durable goods of various industries and
its elongation provides bending and corking after die casting which reduce assembly cost. Some of zinc alloys are
applied for friction and bearing part and even molds for plastic injection and steel press due to its excellent wear
resistance. Good plating with metal such as nickel, tin, chrome, gold and etc is an advantage of the alloy for
ornaments, building hardware and IT and automotive outer parts. Machinability and electrically non-sparking is
another strength of the alloy in selection. Harmless to human and enviro-friendly recycling is also a reason to use
zinc alloy.
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Elements and Impurities of zinc alloy
Zinc alloys contain aluminum, magnesium, copper, etc. Aluminum is added for increasing strength, reducing grain
size, and it forms the resulting dross to go to the surface of the molten alloy as complex compound with the
excessive iron which can occur in hot chamber machine. Copper increases tensile strength and hardness, but it
tends to reduce impact strength. Adequate magnesium aids in preventing sub-surface corrosion caused by small
quantities of impurities such as tin and lead. Cadmium as impurity can be bad to the mechanical
properties of the casting, and can affect castability as well. Iron as impurities does not have any
ill effect on the mechanical properties, but it combines with aluminum to form a dross
which rises to the top of a melt, and the high iron would cause difficulty in machining
of castings. Adding other small amounts of nickel, titanium, beryllium makes
zinc alloys excellent in mechanical properties.